I am a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts, specializing in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and Deaf

mental health care. I provide training and consultation on these topics.  I also have a private psychotherapy

practice in Natick, Massachusetts.

I was, for 14 years, the unit clinical director and psychologist of a specialty Deaf psychiatric inpatient unit. I

worked for six years, ending in March 2016,  as a psychologist for Deaf Services in an agency called Advocates

Inc. in Framingham, Mass. I was an adjunct instructor at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts for a

decade,  teaching several graduate counseling and psychiatric rehabilitation courses, and I am an adjunct

assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts.

My publications include six books:

Culturally affirmative psychotherapy with Deaf persons (Co-edited with Michael Harvey). Lawrence Erlbaum,  


Mental health care of Deaf people: A culturally affirmative approach (Co-edited with Sanjay Gulati) Lawrence 

      Erlbaum, 2003.   

Cognitive behavioral therapy for Deaf and hearing persons with language and learning challenges. Routledge,


Deaf mental health care. Routledge  (Edited) , Routledge 2013.

Preparing Deaf and hearing persons with language and learning challenges for

         CBT: A Pre-therapy workbook. Routledge. 2017.

Language deprivation and Deaf mental health (Co-edited with Wyatte Hall), Routledge, 2019.